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Whatever level or age, we have courses to suit each and everyone's needs, 10 to 2 Driving School has the perfect driving course for you. Call today and get started on your learning to drive adventure!

Weekly Lessons Leeds

Learn to Drive Leeds

Our Weekly Driving Lessons Leeds

At 10 to 2 Driving School we have a wide range of driving courses available to suit each individual. You can take your driving lessons on a weekly basis. You can take as many hours as you like.

Your Driving lessons can be taking in 1 hour, 1 and 1/2, or 2 hour sessions. Its entirley up to you as to how many you would like to do. All we ask is that you book your lessons in advance with your driving instructor.

You will talk about the subject, with your driving instructor, when the driving lesson starts and then at the end of the lesson, you will discuss what you achieved during the driving lesson. You will also discuss the subject that you will be dealing with for your next driving lesson. Discounts are made for block bookings, check our prices.

Alot of our pupils tend to keep the same time and day every week, but can be changed when required. You can choose how many driving lessons you would like to do each week. If you wanted to do an intensive course this can be arranged in advance for you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Take your Driving Lessons Leeds with a high grade Driving Instructor and Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time. Excellent service from a top class Driving School in Leeds.



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